Enjoy Your Holiday Celebration at El Arrayán

December is right around the corner, and as Vallarta prepares to celebrate its traditional posadas (holiday parties that take place on several days prior to Christmas Eve) restaurants such as El Arrayán begin preparing special packages to encourage everyone to celebrate the holidays at this excellent Mexican specialties restaurant in Puerto Vallarta’s El Centro neighborhood.

Their special holiday menu is $365 MXN per person* and it includes:


  • House salsa and artisan tortilla chips
  • One beverage to choose: beer, lime margarita or agua fresca

Appetizers to share (three per person):

  • Plantain empanada with string cheese and beans
  • Pickled jalapeño pepper stuffed with tuna
  • Vegetarian sope

Main course (choose one):

  • Veracruz Style Fish Filet, with white rice and steamed vegetables
  • Cochinita Pibil, Yucatán pulled pork, with black beans and red onion-Habanero relish
  • Beef Barbacoa, with cactus salad and borracha salsa

Homemade tortillas included

Dessert (choose one):

  • Homemade Ice-cream
  • Cajeta Flan
  • Rompope (Mexican eggnog)

El Arrayán is located at Allende 344 in El Centro. Reservations can be made via telephone at (322) 222-7195, or email at info@elarrayan.com.mx.

* Does not include additional beverages or tip. Good for reservations of six or more people.

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