Local Restaurants Announce Christmas Eve Dinners

Many restaurants that participate in Restaurant Week are planning  special menus for Christmas Eve dinner, featuring a festive array of dishes to enjoy this highly-anticipated evening.  

Among them, we present the following menus for your consideration:

Gaby’s Restaurant

December 24

Three-course menu

$350 MXN per person


Salad – mix of arugula, spinach, with grilled pear, blue cheese and homemade apple vinaigrette

• Cream of corn and squash blossoms with Oaxaca cheese and roasted poblano pepper

Main course

Traditional turkey with pineapple gravy

• Pork shank with Mole Madre


Bananas covered with caramel and pistachios with vanilla gelato

• Corn cake with chocolate gelato

Reservations: (322) 222-0480

Address: Mina 252, El Centro.


December 24

Three-course menu

$695 MXN per person (Includes a glass of wine and 15% of service gratuity)


Aromatic zucchini cream

• Salmon carpaccio

• Mixed salad with cherries, onion, baby shrimp and sesame sauce

Main course

Fish fillet with hibiscus sauce, jicama, rice and steamed broccoli

• New York steak with candied sweet potatoes and mixed vegetables

• Chicken breast stuffed with spinach and goat cheese in parsley sauce, potato puree and mixed vegetables


Homemade lemon pie with dipped strawberries

• Pumpkin pie.

Reservations: (322) 222-1765

Address: Galeana 185, El Centro.

Layla’s Restaurant

December 24

Three-course menu

$650 MXN per person


Red wine poached pear salad

• Imperial soup (roasted poblano with corn kernels and fresh cheese)

Main course

Lamb chops with cherry sauce served with mashed potatoes and creamy spinach with almonds

• Shrimp on with mole sauce accompanied with hibiscus rice


Volcano chocolate lava cake with vanilla ice cream

Reservations: (322) 222-2436

Address: Venezuela 137, 5 de Diciembre.

Si Señor

December 24

Three-course menu

$655 MXN per person


Grilled fruit salad, mixed greens, guava and balsamic vinaigrette

Main course

Baked beef ribs with pistachios with german potatoes, hibiscus and merlot sauce


Orange savarin filled with hazelnut cream and tequila flamed tejocotes

• Tequila fruit punch

Reservations: (322) 222-0577

Address: Amapas 114C, Hotel Emperador

TRIO Restaurant

December 24

Four-course menu*

$595 MXN per person

First course

Tartar of house smoked white marlin and Atlantic salmon, wasabi cream and pumpernickel croutons

• Portobello mushroom roasted with goat cheese, arugula and pumpkin rosemary vinaigrette

Second course

Artichoke soup with pine nuts

• Seafood soup with pesto

Third course

Red snapper fillet in mushroom crust on swiss chard, potato confit and red wine sauce

• Rosemary roasted turkey served with red cabbage, mashed potatoes, caramelized ginger sauce

• Angus chuck roast slow cooked with chile ancho and aromatic herbs, potato gratin and French beans


Apple strudel with vanilla ice cream

*Vegetarian alternative available upon request

Reservations: (322) 222-2196

Address: Guerrero 264, El Centro.

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