DAO Contemporary Chinese Cuisine

Each dish reflects the culinary excitement of discovery, blending traditional components with modern twists from Dim Sum to traditional Peking Duck or Crispy Pork Belly. Chinese elements are brilliantly encapsulated into extraordinary dishes creating high-end cuisine that will take its rightful place in the foodie landscape. Exquisite ingredients with fresh and fragrant spicy aromas and elegant presentation capture the essence of DAO, which promises to keep your taste buds tingling.

svg icon icon-height-24 $575
svg icon icon-height-24 6 – 11pm
svg icon icon-height-18 * Carrt. a Barra de Navidad KM 7.5 · Zona Hotelera Sur
svg icon icon-height-24 322 176-0685 ext. 6201 and/or 7213
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DAO Contemporary Chinese Cuisine

Address: Carrt. a Barra de Navidad KM 7.5 · Zona Hotelera Sur
Phone: 322 176-0715 ext. 6201 and 7213


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