Loma 42 Bahía

Loma 42 Bahía is a restaurant located in Nuevo Vallarta. Its cuisine, in the hands of chef Luis Vázquez, is characterized by its creative, smoky and wood-fired flavors, born from the inspiration of local and seasonal products.

Committed to offering a pleasurable dining experience, here you will find an extensive menu: from aguachiles and ceviches, to wood-fired pizzas, pastas, tacos and juicy cuts of meat, with the assurance that in every presentation you will enjoy the quality, passion and great taste that characterizes them.

Located in a comfortable and sophisticated setting that invites you to spend memorable moments with family and friends, in an area easily accessible from the main avenue of Nuevo Vallarta.

Loma 42 Bahía has been recognized by the main restaurant guides such as México Gastronómico de Culinaria Mexicana and Marco Beteta, among others, as one of the great restaurants in Mexico.

svg icon icon-height-24 $575
svg icon icon-height-24 2 – 10pm
svg icon icon-height-18 * Blvd. Nuevo Vallarta 4, Int. 2, Plaza San Carlos · Nuevo Vallarta
svg icon icon-height-24 322 293-8888
svg icon icon-height-24 Visit Website

Loma 42 Bahía

Address: Blvd. Nuevo Vallarta 4, Int. 2, Plaza San Carlos · Nuevo Vallarta
Phone: 322 293-8888


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