Raíz y Maleza

Raíz restaurant opens its doors in the lively Versalles neighborhood, offering an innovative proposal of Author’s Cuisine. Here, the cuisine is free of conventions and labels, focusing on authentic and rooted flavors. The menu includes international specialties with an unmistakable touch of Mexican culinary tradition. Guests can immerse themselves in a unique experience in the Surprise Salon, where each dish tells an intriguing story. Not to be missed is Maleza, the exclusive rooftop where the magic of mixology meets the culinary delights of chef Diego Guerrero.

svg icon icon-height-24 $575
svg icon icon-height-24 6 – 10pm
svg icon icon-height-18 * España 315, Versalles
svg icon icon-height-24 322 350-4705
svg icon icon-height-24 Visit Website

Raíz y Maleza

Address: España 315, Versalles


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