The Swedes Bar and Bistro

The Swedes Bar and Bistro opened in 2009 by Morgan Granander. Over the years the venue has become a favorite destination of a worldwide clientele.

Quality food, friendly and familiar service with a fun and lively atmosphere at the corner of Olas Altas and Púlpito streets have cemented The Swedes as a must-visit location on every trip to Puerto Vallarta. We are often the first stop on arrival for a delicious meal after a long day of travel.

In 2021, Morgan partnered with long-time friend and restaurateur Christopher Maluck to help collaborate and guide the business into its second decade. In August 2022, Morgan sold the business to Christopher.

svg icon icon-height-24 $575
svg icon icon-height-24 6 – 10pm
svg icon icon-height-18 * Púlpito 154Emiliano Zapata
svg icon icon-height-24 322 223-2353
svg icon icon-height-24 Visit Website

The Swedes Bar and Bistro

Address: Púlpito 154Emiliano Zapata
Phone: 322 223-2353


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