Restaurants Continue Restaurant Week Promotion

Restaurant Week’s twelfth edition has ended, but it is always good to know that the party goes on at a few restaurants for those that missed the annual event—May 15 to 31—and for those wishing to return to their favorite spots for more excellent dining opportunities. We polled participating restaurants and the following announced that they would continue with their special, Restaurant Week menu after the event. As always, we recommend calling ahead to confirm and make a reservation.

Añejo Limón & Cuccos Market Bistro Café

Añejo Limón will continue to offer the Restaurant Week special menu until June 16, then will remain open only for private parties. “Restaurant Week has been great for us,” commented chef/owner Bruce Bing. “Several guests came back three or four times to enjoy the menu, and we already have a 25-guest reservation for our last day of the season!” Cuccos Market Bistro Café, Bruce’s other restaurant, just down the street, will continue offering fixed price specials in the next foreseeable future.

Barrio Bistro

Chef/owner Guillermo Wolf and partner Ginna Digilio went out on a limb last summer by turning the house next door to theirs into a restaurant, in the middle of Versalles, a residential neighborhood. The concept took off through the Fall and Winter seasons with constant reservations, and a very successful Restaurant Week, according to them. Barrio Bistro will continue the Restaurant Week menu through the month of June.

El Arrayán

Mexican specialty restaurant El Arrayán first opened its doors to the public in 2003 and has participated in every edition of Restaurant Week. Conveniently located in Puerto Vallarta’s El Centro, only a few blocks from the Malecón, they will continue their special Restaurant Week menu until July 13.

Coco Tropical

Qué buena onda,” (awesome) was the reaction from renowned Coco Tropical chef/owner, Heinz Reize, when he learned about Foodie Report. The popular beachfront restaurant joined Restaurant Week for the first time in 2006 (the event’s second edition) and has not missed a single event ever since.

Seasons PV

“Our biggest surprise with Restaurant Week was the large number of new customers that came to experience our cuisine for the first time,” commented Edgar Sánchez, who manages the restaurant. Seasons PV is conveniently located at the Molino de Agua condominiums in Emiliano Zapata, and will continue offering the Restaurant Week menu during the next few weeks.

Sonora a la Parrilla

Sonora a la Parrilla is one of seven restaurants that joined Restaurant Week for the first time this year. “This will be the first time I stay open this time of year,” commented owner Kevin Schmitty. “I was pleased to see the number of people that found us through Restaurant Week.”

Look for more appetizing news, events and promotions from theses and other Restaurant Week participants in future editions of Foodie Report!

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