This is an alphabetical directory of Puerto Vallarta and Riviera Nayarit restaurants currently affiliated with Restaurant Week. Restaurants looking to learn more about Restaurant Week affiliation, please click HERE.

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Itamar Cocina de Puerto

Itamar Cocina de Puerto redefines the experience of seafood dining. Here the dishes are made with knowledge of the product and techniques to bring out the best in the flavors.


Karuma · The Art of Grill

Karuma · The Art of Grill's concept revolves around presenting an innovative menu through a sophisticated version of classic steakhouses and grills.


La Leche

Surprise, contrast, difference, happiness and exquisiteness are the five experiences that La Leche focuses on.


La Tienda Grande

La Tienda Grande is a creative Mexican cuisine restaurant inspired by the traditions, memories and experiences of Vallarta chef Salvador Carrillo.


Le Kliff

Experience Mexican gastronomy at its finest at Le Kliff Restaurant. Perched high above Puerto Vallarta's mountains, relish authentic flavors and culinary traditions, seamlessly blended with modern twists and local charm.


Loma 42 Bahía

Loma 42 Bahía is a restaurant with a creative, evolutionary and inspiring cuisine that looks for the freshness and quality of vegetables.



Makal is a restaurant that seeks to honor the Mexico's culinary roots


Marcelita by Marcela

Located within the Marcela Resort & Spa facilities, Marcelita by Marcela is a restaurant that offers a selection of traditional Mexican dishes.


Meet Meat

Meet Meat restaurant has an exquisite menu that revolves around grilled cuts of meat.


Mikoh Bucerías

Mikoh Bucerías is a restaurant that offers a menu that revolves around oriental specialties with a contemporary touch.

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