Casamar 1928

Casamar 1928 Restaurant, nestled within a historic building in Puerto Vallarta, boasts a rich heritage dating back over 130 years. Once home to Don Jesús Langarica, the inaugural mayor, it now serves as a culinary haven, offering Mexican and seafood specialties. Preserving its original charm, the restaurant features adobe walls, inviting guests to savor both history and flavor.

svg icon icon-height-24 $575
svg icon icon-height-24 12 – 9pm
svg icon icon-height-18 * Galeana 185 · El Centro
svg icon icon-height-24 322 239-4881 · 322 223-1014
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Casamar 1928

Address: Galeana 185 · El Centro
Phone: 322 239-4881 · 322 223-1014


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